Its nice to be blogging again. Sorry we have not had many posts in the past couple of weeks. Mainly because there have been lots of courses, marking and a whole lot of travelling going on.

We’re back with a bang this week though as we have a full PTLLS course micro teach for you. It give a real insight into what its like to deliver your very first lesson on one of our teacher training courses. Check out the video below and see our star man Cash deliver his lesson on how to move objects and people safely. There is then time for some subjective feedback and then some wise words from our PTLLS coordinator Tom.

The video is a full 20 minutes in length so we hope you had the time to watch it in full. We have picked the key points from the video below.

Further education and training footage available here

Ground Rules

Cash starts off with some very important housekeeping rules. This provides a great platform to lay down the rules about mobile phone usage and what to do in the event of a fire. Cash keeps this short and sweet as the focus switches towards his lesson.

Taught Theory

Manual handling has a reputation for being a bit of a dry subject; however this is contrary to the way Cash delivers this part of the course. He engages his audience very well, and explains the theoretical concepts in a clear and concise way.

Moving Object Practical

Its clear from the first practical that Cash clearly knows what he is doing. He shows the group the perfect way to lift the box and the reasons behind it. The class are once again engaged through the use of questions and he generally conveys a positive and uplifting demeanour.

Moving Person Practical

Cash’s practical demonstration on how to move a person out of a chair was very informative. This is particularly useful as he mentions when trying to move an elderly person, who may have weak bones and soft skin. Cash uses his experiences from his work within the care industry, which gives you a real insight into how people are moved within this environment.
This is a perfect example of what you can expect on one of Train Aid’s Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector or the Level 3 Award in Education and Training Courses.

You will get the opportunity just like Cash to deliver your very first lesson to your peers, and like he says this can bring new found confidence, which can be used in your career as a teacher / trainer.

By Bill Casserley