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Micro Teach Brief

tomcasserley wrote this (0 comments)

The Level 3 Award in Education and Training Course requires candidates to plan and deliver their own lesson, alongside observing and evaluating others. The micro teach is a mini lesson in itself and not just a small chunk of a larger lesson. It is...

First Aid for Adder Bites

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The Adder is the only venomous snake living within Britain. Luckily there have only been 14 deaths recorded in the last 100 years, with the last death occurring in Perthshire, Scotland in 1975. Adder’s are notoriously shy and will avoid human...

Sources of Information

tomcasserley wrote this (0 comments)

There are several key sources of information that need to be made available to students when setting assessments.... Criteria Many qualifications have a specification attached to them outlining what is expected to meet the criteria. Teachers can...

Record Keeping

tomcasserley wrote this (0 comments)

Record keeping is an important means of supporting the overall learning process. It creates a trail of information that could be called upon both internally and externally. The information engrained within it can help measure performance and may...

Peer & Self Assessment

tomcasserley wrote this (0 comments)

Peer and self assessment allows learners to assess both each other and their own progress. Both methods encourage learners to monitor progress, take responsibility for their own work and to help others. When used correctly it can correct mistakes...

False Widow Spider Bites

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The false widow spider has migrated to Europe and has been dubbed Britain's most dangerous spider. This could be attributed to warmer conditions and the spiders may have inadvertently been imported from more exotic areas of the globe. The false...

Top tips on how to treat a bee sting

elliecasserley wrote this (0 comments)

As the weather begins to warm up wasps become more active in the garden so here's our top tips on what to do if somebody gets stung . Brush the sting off with a blunt edged item such as the side of a credit card . Do not try to remove the sting by...

First Aid for Dog Bites

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Animal attacks can be frightening and lead to serious wounds and infections. Dog bites are one of the most common types of attacks due to the close proximity of household pets. It’s useful to know what to do when someone has been bitten… Danger ...

Involving Learners

tomcasserley wrote this (0 comments)

It is important that learners are involved from the outset, and given clear instructions on any work that needs to be completed. Teachers need to avoid the worst case scenario where learners may not understand a set question, or not know what is...

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