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Assessment Observation

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Observations can be used to assess learners in vocational based activities. Enabling assessors to see learners performing skills in the training environment. In this video example the candidate assessor (Billy) is observing his learner (Tom) on a...

First Aid For Muscle Cramps

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Muscle cramps can usually be identified by a sharp and prolonged feeling of pain within a muscle. Muscle cramps have been linked to dehydration, and therefore may be more apparent in hot conditions and during prolonged exercise. The rest, stretch...

Pre Assessment Briefing

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It is important to carry out a pre assessment briefing before starting a vocational assessment. The short meeting can help address any concerns on both sides and should help the assessment run as smoothly as possible. This is the second video in a...

History of First Aid (Part 2)

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Early first aid was centred around the ancient Greek and Egyptian cultures (who were the equivalent of modern day pioneers). The strong prevalence of battles at the time saw their techniques adopted by the Roman army and, in later years, Napoleon...

First Aid for Tooth Loss

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Tooth loss can cause pain, blood loss, and can be a frightening experience - particularly when involving young children. Losing milk teeth is generally not serious and the teeth will grow back, but losing an adult tooth is considered a dental...

History of First Aid (Part 1)

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First aid is defined as the assistance given to someone after a sudden illness / injury. It is often viewed as a modern innovation, with the prevalence of workplace first aid training, technological equipment, and an ambulance network (which is...

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