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QTLS and Me

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QTLS or Qualified Teacher Learning & Skills is often regarded as the golden standard for anyone who has completed the Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training qualification. It demonstrates a show of intent for any teaching practitioner...

Positive Feedback

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Post assessment feedback can be constructive in nature, give specific details about results, and highlight areas for improvement. It can play a pivotal role in performance, and should therefore be positive in nature to avoid the learner becoming...

History of First Aid (Part 3)

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The third and final installment of the history of first aid takes us into the modern day. In the 21st century first aid has evolved further from the battlefield to being able to empower the general public to save lives. Networks of first aider’s...

Top 5 First Aid Myths

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Myths are generally stories that are passed onto people over time, and in many cases not updated. Here in reverse order are our top five first aid myths debunked. Each one has a simple explanation for all to follow: 5) I must check for a pulse...

Assessment Feedback

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Feedback can help a learner understand what they have done right and wrong after a vocational assessment. This could be in the form of a short discussion or formal meeting. It could also be written, whereby the assessor may actually never meet the...

Assessment Questions

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Observations form a good way of assessing learners on vocational based activities. However one thing that can be missing is the demonstration of knowledge in the absence of any verbal or written communication. One useful tool for an assessor is to...

Assessment Observation

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Observations can be used to assess learners in vocational based activities. Enabling assessors to see learners performing skills in the training environment. In this video example the candidate assessor (Billy) is observing his learner (Tom) on a...

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