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Hypothermia in Wet Conditions

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Hypothermia can be worse in wet and windy conditions and through exposure to cold water. The human body will lose heat 25 times faster in water. Even a person standing in in their local indoor swimming pool could be in a life threatening state in...

Horseback Paramedics

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Horse ambulances have been around since the early 1900’s. Before that you would of had to rely on a team of volunteers using wheeled stretchers to get casualties to local hospitals. Since the industrial revolution we have moved on to quicker and...

Hypothermia First Aid

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Hypothermia occurs when the body’s core temperature drops to below 35C. Most people are unaware that they are succumbing to this potentially life threatening condition. Some basic first aid knowledge can go a long way during the Christmas party...

Day in the Life of a Teacher

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Becoming a fully qualified teacher is not as difficult as is is sometimes perceived. The Education & Training pathway provides a genuine route into full teacher status via the private sector. Newly qualified teachers can go on to teach in the...

Developing a CPR Action Plan

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Workplaces can avoid uncertainty by having a CPR action plan in place in preparation for a real life cardiac arrest. This ensures everyone knows their role, limitations and how best to save the life of a colleague. Speed Action plans can help...

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