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Top tips on how to prevent heat stroke

elliecasserley wrote this (0 comments)

With the London marathon round the corner most of the runners have done the training and are now hoping for a day of good conditions. Running 26.2 miles is a grueling test on the body and can put the body at risk of heat stroke. Heat stroke is...

Spotting and Treating Heart Attacks

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Heart attacks occur when the coronary artery which supplies the heart with oxygenated blood becomes blocked. The blockage is potentially life threatening as it starves the heart of oxygen which can lead to irreversible damage and cardiac arrest. ...

Assessment Methods within Teaching

tomcasserley wrote this (0 comments)

There are various different assessment approaches each with their own strengths and limitations. Teachers can utilize assessment methods to determine the competence of learners and tailor them to meet individual needs. Exams Exams provide a good...

Scene Survey at an Accident

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When arriving at the scene of an accident it is important to firstly ensure the safety of the casualty, bystanders and the first aiders themselves. The scene survey can be conducted by remembering the Acronym CLAP. Control the Situation Stop at...

AVPU Acronym

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The AVPU acronym is commonly applied when trying to get a response out of a casualty who is injured or ill. It is useful to ascertain whether a casualty is breathing and can determine the level of consciousness. Alert It is useful to ascertain if...

Burns And Degrees of Severity

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The human skin is tough and where possible it tries to protect itself from harm. The effect of heat, chemicals and electricity can penetrate the skin, potentially causing damage and infection. Burns can typically be classified under three...

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