Todays blog sees us visit another of our course video archives. We felt it would be a good idea to get some reaction on the recently added level 3 award in Education & Training. PTLLS coordinator Tom run a successful course, with a great group, who really fed off each others enthusiasm.

Check out the video below and watch what they have to say about the course content, micro lessons and the tutor himself:


The eat course (formerly ptlls) that the learners are talking about in the video is typically run over four days. The course is split between the theoretical concepts that dictate the classroom and the practical side to teaching.

You can typically expect to spend a valuable amount of time on the course preparing for your very first lesson. The instructor is on hand to help you build a lesson plan which will be used towards the delivery of a 15 minute lesson to your peers.

The other part of the course is based around learning the key theoretical topics that are essential within the world of adult education. Expect to pick up valuable information on topics like classroom boundaries, inclusive lessons, ground rules and learning styles.

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Key Quotes

Below are some key quotes from the learners that we felt reflected what was good about the course:

“The course was easy going and very relaxed”

“A lot came out of it, even though I have been working for 36 years”

“There was a big range of people and everyone got the opportunity to convey themselves within their teaching”

“Tom was a great tutor, who involved everyone”

Look out for further posts in the coming weeks which will include video footage from the course itself.

By Bill Casserley