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Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement (CAVA) - Online

The Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement replaces the old A1 course and is designed to help you gain a level 3 assessing qualification remotely, without the need for attending any classroom sessions. 

Electronic presentations,video links and audio recordings guide you through each of the three units, enabling you to complete both the theoretical and practical assessments. 
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Per place: £354.00 (£295.00 ex VAT)

What's involved?

The first part of the course is to complete a written assignment on the principles and practices of assessing. You will be sent an electronic presentation, along with an accompanying course textbook to guide you through the assessment questions. Support is available from one of our experienced tutors via email and phone. The submissions team will provide feedback on draft work and support you to pass the unit.

The second part of the course is the practical assessments. Our electronic resources with video links will guide you through the format for both the workplace and vocational assessments that you need to complete. Blank templates will be provided that enable you to carry out the assessments step by step. You will need to complete 4 workplace assessments and 4 vocational assessments, so 8 in total. One of your assessments will need to be observed by a mentor or video recorded and submitted for verification. 

Finally, you will complete a professional discussion on the assessments you have completed, before your portfolio is formally assessed and nationally certified. 

What you get out of it

You will gain a nationally recognised assessing qualification that will enable you to assess in both the workplace and training environment. You will receive detailed feedback for your written work and the practical assessments that you carry out, developing you as an assessor and preparing you become an independent assessor.

It is a generic qualification, meaning once you achieve it, you are qualified to assess in any subject/environment that you yourself are competent in.

It provides one third of the qualifications to run your own training centre and teach on the courses yourself.  This is known as the Teaching, Assessing & Quality Assurance (TAQA) pathway of qualifications.

Who's it for?

This course is designed for anyone either currently in a workplace assessing role or striving to find such a role. Common industries with a high demand for qualified assessors are:

  • Childcare
  • Hair and Beauty
  • Construction
  • Leisure
  • Teaching
  • Hospitality

What will I learn?

You will learn the various stages of carrying out valid and reliable assessments.This includes the initial assessment of your candidates, planning your assessments, effective observations with supplementary questions and constructive feedback. 

You will receive ongoing feedback as your progress through the course, meaning you will learn from your mistakes and develop as an assessor. Ultimately, you will gain the knowledge and skills to become a professional and reliable independent assessor.
Price per student: £354.00 (£295.00 ex VAT)