After recently hearing the story about Rich Peverley, a 31 year old professional ice hockey player having a sudden cardiac arrest at the side of the pitch it really hits home how important having AEDs available to use on site really is, it literally can be a matter of life or death!

AED stands for Automated External Defibrillator and is used to look for shockable heart rhythms. It will then advise the user if defibrillation is needed and give a shock if necessary.

Now it's one thing for an AED to be on site but most people wouldn't think of attempting to use it. How do we know we're not going to electrocute the person or ourselves

This is the reason why Train Aid are approved suppliers of Zoll AED machines. Zoll have produced an AED machine which is simple and easy for anyone to use with both visual and audible prompts to guide the user through every step in the rescue process. It is the only AED machine to give real time feedback on the rate and depth of chest compressions to improve the quality of CPR being delivered so if you're worried am I pushing hard enough?Am I going fast enough? The AED machine will tell you exactly what needs to be done.

Train Aid also run short training courses on using an AED so if you are the first person on the scene you have the confidence to use the machine and hopefully save someone's life.