Hypovolaemic shock is also sometimes referred to as physiological shock. The condition occurs when the body loses 20% (one fifth) or more of its blood / fluid supply. Left untreated it is a life threatening condition, which will require urgent first aid treatment to counteract its effects.


Hypovolaemic shock can be caused through any of the below conditions:
  • Major bleeding (internal & external)
  • Heat exhaustion / stroke
  • Severe burns
  • Severe diarrhea and vomiting (eg food poisoning)
The condition is caused through the body not having enough oxygen within its cells


If left untreated the condition can rapidly become life threatening. Follow the below protocol when administering first aid to a casualty:
  1. Support the casualty and lie them flat on the ground
  2. Elevate the legs to increase blood supply to the vital organs
  3. Call 999 /112 stating your location and that the casualty has hypovolaemic shock
  4. Keep the casualty warm and loosen any tight clothing
  5. Maintain an open airway and continue to check breathing
Never give the casualty any food or drink in case they require surgery, and it could even block their airway