How To Do Adult CPR

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CPR is used on a non-breathing casualty to circulate oxygen around the body until normal breathing resumes. It can be learnt by watching this 80 second video, but we strongly recommend signing up to a hands on first aid course.

Dial 999 / 112

Always contact the emergency services stating your location and that a person has stopped breathing. The emergency services will arrive quicker if they are called with this information immediately.

Consider having your phone on loudspeaker so you can start CPR but still speak

Chest Compressions

Deliver 30 chest compressions in the centre of the chest, at a rate of 100-120 per minute and at a depth of 5-6 cm. Put your hand under the casualty's armpit and slide across to the centre of the chest to help position yourself.

The compression rate is roughly two per second if that helps simplify the process

Rescue Breaths

Deliver two rescue breaths with a gap in between. Each breath should be moderate, lasting for about one second and should make the chest gently rise. It’s possible to use a CPR face shield or skip the breaths entirely if you do not wish to deliver them.

Always pinch the nose shut so that air does not escape whilst delivering the breaths

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