First Aid For Choking Baby

Until you're a parent yourself it's hard to understand the importance of knowing basic first aid skills for babies and children and even when you are a parent we often all think (and hope!) that we'll never have to deal with those serious incidents.

We all wish we had 3 pairs of hands and eyes in the back of our heads, especially when we've got babies crawling around thinking that anything they can get their hands on is a tasty snack!

Claudia Sharma knows about that first hand after having to put her first aid training into practise after finding her son choking. Here she shares her story with us

'I have twins boys. A few months ago I literally ran upstairs to grab a new baby grow, as inevitably babies need changing continually. It is amazing what can happen in a matter of seconds. As I was coming back down the stairs, I heard a wretching noise and ran as fast as I could downstairs. I cannot describe the shear fear I felt when I walked into the room to see one of my boys bright red and choking! I froze for a few seconds, but then my adrenaline kicked in. I picked him up, threw him over my knee face down, held his head and firmly (and I mean firmly) hit him on the back, all the while no sound was coming out as whatever was in there was blocking his airwaves. I continued and after what seemed like hours, but was realistically one minute, he vomited and was breathing again. He had peeled off a large piece of paint off the back of the radiator and swallowed it. As much as you baby proof you will be surprised what dangers they will find.

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As much as I was terrified, I couldn’t be more grateful to Train Aid for giving me the tools to be able to help my son. You never think you will remember everything you are taught, but it is amazing how much you do remember when the time comes. I would recommend any new parent to go on the Train Aid parent first aid course, you never know when you might need the tools to save a life!'

As a parent it really is worth just taking a couple of hours out of our busy schedules to learn the basic first aid tools which give us the knowledge and confidence to deal with such emergencies when they do occur.