Meet the Team

Passionate trainers who will inspire you. 

  • Martyn Smith Martyn Smith

    Martyn is a key member of our teaching and assessing team. He teaches on the education and training, assessing and first aid courses.

    Martyn is a a personable and enthusiastic character that many of our regular clients request when re-booking in-house courses with us. 

  • Phil Gallie Phil Gallie

    Phil is a vastly experienced trainer with a military background. He is a real peoples person and thrives on the day to day contact with his learners.

    Due to Phil's wealth of knowledge and experiences he is a very versatile trainer and teaches on both our teacher training and first aid courses. 

  • Del Martin Del Martin

    Del is a fantastic trainer that loves the diversity of the people he meets on our teaching and assessing courses. 

    He has recently retired from the fire brigade after 25 years service, where he enjoyed a highly successful career in operations and as a lead trainer. 

  • Ian Wood Ian Wood

    Ian is a vastly experienced trainer, having spent much of his career managing and delivering the training programme for the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA).

    Ian has a passion for teaching and delivers on both our teacher training and assessing courses. 

  • Nick Chadwick Nick Chadwick
    PGCE B.Sc.

    Nick is a professional and conscientious teacher with over ten years of experience in schools, colleges and the private training sector. 

    He is highly motivated and passionate about getting the most from his learners, with an open and approachable teaching style. 

    Nick teaches on all of our teaching and assessing qualifications. 

  • Mike Raynor Mike Raynor

    Mike is a vastly experienced teacher with a proven background for getting the best out of his students. He is also a professional fire fighter and is able to share his lifetime of experiences with his students. 

    Mike can be found teaching the Level 3 Award in Education & Training courses in Wales. 

  • Chrisy Southgate Chrisy Southgate

    Chrisy is a vastly experienced and versatile trainer. She teaches on our full range of courses and heads up the open and in-house courses in Scotland.

    She teaches on the education and training, assessing, health and safety and first aid courses.

  • Seth Oso Seth Oso

    Seth is a very friendly and approachable trainer that enjoys interacting with learners on his courses.

    He predominantly delivers our full range of first aid courses, but has a wealth of knowledge and is also able to deliver other health and safety related subjects. 

  • Rebecca Hodgson Rebecca Hodgson

    Rebecca was born and bred in Middlesbrough, and although she took her skills to London for 10 years, the pull of the North East was strong, so she returned in 1989.

    Over the last 30 years Rebecca has enjoyed a varied and interesting career which has given her vast experience in many different sectors including private, public and education. Along with this she is a  self-starter and has worked hard to continuously educate herself to degree level, being open to new opportunities and has up-skilled to meet these new prospects.

  • Billy Casserley Billy Casserley
    Cert.Ed. B.Sc.

    Billy has a sports science background and is a very knowledgeable instructor. He has a particular interest in sports injuries and first aid for sport. Billy is a competitive club runner so fully appreciates the need to nurture and take care of your body. 

    Billy predominantly teaches our first aid at work and paediatric first aid courses. He is a very approachable instructor and creates a friendly learning environment where participants feel comfortable asking questions.

  • Lesley Earl Lesley Earl

    Lesley is a vital member of our team on the teaching and assessing programmes. She is vastly experienced in both the private training industry and public sector teaching, having lectured in further education for over ten years. 

    Lesley is a vibrant character with a passion for life and a genuine interest in her learners. She teaches in a friendly and approachable manner and is an outstanding teacher. 

  • Carrie Rogers Carrie Rogers

    Carrie has built herself a very successful career as a nurse and is now sharing this lifetime of experience within her training courses. She teaches on both the first aid and education and training courses. 

    Carrie "loves" teaching on the teacher training courses and having come through this pathway herself, she fully appreciates the benefits of a passionate teaching style. 

  • Tom Casserley Tom Casserley
    Cert.Ed. M.Sc.

    Tom has over a decade of experience teaching in the further education sector and was in a Head of Department role before taking up his position with Train Aid. Tom has a genuine passion for teaching and you will find his enthusiasm infectious.

    Tom heads up our Teaching and Assessing training courses, an area he particularly enjoys. He appreciates the challenges teaching can involve and will share his wealth of experience within further education with you. He will teach you the skills and techniques required to turn yourself into an effective and confident teacher within your workplace.

  • Richard Hood Richard Hood
    PGCE M.Sc.

    Richard is a highly experienced trainer with his specialist subject being first aid and water rescue.  He not only teaches first aid for lifeguards, but also runs support and rescue teams at various different national events such as triathlons and open water swimming competitions. 

    Richard teaches across our range of first aid courses and is also involved in our teaching qualifications due to his teaching degree and background in this sector. He is a very approachable instructor who goes above and beyond to meet his learners needs.

  • Ellie Casserley Ellie Casserley

    Ellie manages the head office, coordinating courses and ensuring our customers needs are fully met. She has a business background and appreciates the importance of customer satisfaction. Ellie is both a friendly and efficient manager and you will find she will go out of her way to locate the best course for you at a time and location that suits you.

    Ellie is also an experienced trainer and teaches on both our first aid and food safety courses. She often combines the two areas when teaching onsite courses, a cost effective option that has proved very popular with nurseries looking to update their staff's qualifications.

  • David Platts David Platts

    David is a vastly experienced trainer and heads up our training in Northern Ireland and Ireland, regularly facilitating the Level 3 Award in Education and Training in Belfast. 

    David is a passionate trainer and forms great rapport with the learners his teaches, genuinely interested in their progression.  

  • James Reeves James Reeves
    PGCE M.Sc.

    James is currently a Curriculum Course Manager at a large FE college, responsible for several departments and hundreds of students. He is an extremely organised and efficient trainer, which is more than evident on his courses.

    James teaches on our assessing qualifications and internal verification courses, ensuring his own high standards of quality of control rubs off on his learners.

  • Aaron Sharma Aaron Sharma
    PTLLS B.Sc.

    Aaron has been trained internally so fully appreciates the Train Aid personable style of training. He is a knowledgeable, passionate trainer with a great sense of humour. 

    Aaron teaches on our first aid and manual handling courses. He is extremely approachable and there is a big practical emphasis on his courses. Aron likes to get plenty of scenario practice built into his courses to enable candidates to practice their skills in potential real life situations.

  • Simon Webster Simon Webster

    Simon has a fitness background and teaches our first aid courses down on the south coast. He is a real genuine chap with a natural teaching style and a passion for teaching first aid.

  • Stuart Bowdler Stuart Bowdler
    Cert. Ed.

    Stuart joined us after several years service in the army and is a regular instructor on our first aid courses. He teaches with passion and has a wealth of knowledge to share with his learners.

  • Sean Buchan Sean Buchan

    Sean is an experienced trainer with a background in pool safety. He teaches new lifeguards and regularly delivers the various first aid courses for Train Aid. 

    Sean is a really friendly trainer and a first aid enthusiast that is happy to share the latest techniques and innovations in the first aid industry. 

  • Lynn Astley-Hampson Lynn Astley-Hampson

    Lynn delivers the full range of first aid courses for us in the North West of England, including the regular open courses in Manchester.

    She has fantastic subject knowledge and is a keen sportswoman, meaning she has lots of real life experiences to share with people on her courses. 

  • Nickie Ashton Nickie Ashton

    Nickie is a recent addition to the team that delivers all the different first aid courses and helps coordinate the whole first aid training programme. 

    She is passionate about first aid and a real peoples person that loves the range of people she meets on the her courses. 

  • Danielle Martin Danielle Martin

    Danielle is an experienced care worker and delivers on our full range of first aid courses. She teaches our regular open courses in Redhill and Reigate, as well as other locations.

    Danielle really enjoys training and has a wealth of knowledge to share with her learners.

  • Richard Wood Richard Wood

  • Pooja Vaswaney Pooja Vaswaney

  • Hazel Douglas Hazel Douglas

  • Marrianne Mills Marrianne Mills

  • Sam Hinton Sam Hinton

  • Graham Ashton Graham Ashton

  • Nick Ward Nick Ward

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