Paediatric First Aid For Childminders, Nannies & Nursery Staff

Childcare Workers often need to hold a valid first aid certificate in order to meet the requirements outlined by Ofsted and the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). Although this can appear like red tape it is actually set up to help guard the safety of infants and children in early years settings.

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Generally it is possible to distinguish the individual requirements between Childminders, Nannies and Nursery School Staff.


Childminders typically work form their own homes which they need to ensure are adequate for the care of young children. Typically a childminder will look after young infants / children for long periods and often by themselves. In light of this it is recommended that all registered childminders hold the Paediatric First Aid (12 Hour) Certificate. This proves a level of competence to deliver first aid in both emergency and nonemergency situations.


typically work from the home of their employer and are therefore not subject to as stringent testing as a childminder. This does not mean however that they do not face hazards in the day to day caring of young children. In light of this it is recommended that Nannies hold the Paediatric First Aid (6 Hour) Certificate which proves an ability to deliver first aid in emergency situations.

Nursery School Staff

Nursery School Workers can often find themselves looking after large groups of children in challenging situations. They need to closely follow the guidelines of the EYFS to ensure an overall level of safety for everyone at their setting. The best option in this case is to complete a Paediatric First Aid (12 Hour) group course which ultimately gives everyone the confidence to administer first aid if and when required.
Managers and supervisors may also consider enrolling on a 3 day First Aid at Work Course which is the highest standard attainable within the industry.

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