Paediatric First Aid Course for Childminders

Childminders require the Paediatric First 12 Hour Qualification in order to register with Ofsted. We tailored our own course to make sure that it meets the guided 12 hours of learning. Covering all the accidents, illnesses, and the non-emergency situations that can arise in an early years setting.   

The course combines one practical day with an e-learning module, and it is fully recognised by Ofsted. 


No topics are missed, and if anything more time is spent analyzing the theoretical topics related to the symptoms and treatment of a variety of different conditions. Look below to see a snapshot of the e-learning course:

E Learning Paediatric

The online course is a combination of short lectures, videos, puzzles and interactive content, with a recommended 6 hours of learning. It is assessed through a 25 question multiple choice module.

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Childminders lead busy lives often looking after their own children, as well as those within their profession. Time can be a precious commodity, especially at the Weekends. Our practical days are held in 13 locations on a monthly basis, with both Saturday and weekday options available.

Candidates receive the 12 Hour Paediatric First Aid qualification when they combine the online module with a practical day of attendance.

12 Hour Paediatric First Aid Certificate Page 001

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