Online Paediatric First Aid Test

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Congratulations on passing your Paediatric First Aid (12 Hour) Online exam. This means you have completed the theory component of the course.

You will now need to hand your distance learning work pack in on the practical day of the course. If you are sitting the test after please choose one of the following options to send the pack back to us:



Train Aid, Hamilton House, 87-89 Bell Street, Reigate, RH2 7AN

Smart Phone

Take pictures of each page and email to


The Paediatric First Aid (12 Hour) Certificate is awarded once you have completed the practical day and sent your distance pack back to us. The certificate will be automatically posted if this has all been completed.

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Well done for those who have finished and have fun on the practical day if not. Hopefully see you again in three years time.

All the best,

Train Aid

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