Food Safety Training (Level 1) - In House

Food Safety Level 1 is a half day entry level course which focuses on the importance of food safety within both the hospitality and catering industries. The course aims to equip learners with the knowledge required to make a kitchen safe and then maintain the environment to comply with business law and the overall health of all.
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Based on 12 students: £390.00 (£325.00 ex VAT)
Per additional students: £32.40 (£27.00 ex VAT)

What's involved?

The qualification usually involves a half day classroom based course with a recommended four hours of learning.

Candidates will get an understanding of the known hazards within the kitchen and how they can prevent food from becoming contaminated. This leads on to looking at the ideal temperatures for food preparation, storage and cooking. Finally there is the opportunity to look at the most effective forms of personal hygiene within the kitchen and the proper use of cleaning products/materials.

It is assessed through a 15 question multiple choice examination whereby candidates need to answer 10 out of the 15 questions correctly to obtain the qualification.

What you get out of it

Candidates learn how to better prepare, maintain and manage themselves and others whilst working in the kitchen. This leads to a certificate of competence and equips them with a level of knowledge that assists their employers business in complying with the law.

Companies can have the peace of mind that they are protecting their brand, reputation and profits by ensuring that staff have received the appropriate training in order to fulfil their roles.

Who's it for?

The Level one training course is ideal for anyone who works in the catering and hospitality industries and who needs to grasp a basic understanding of the safe practices within a working kitchen.

It is an ideal short course which can be delivered to groups of candidates in a fast flowing and easy to follow format.

What will I learn?

Candidates get the opportunity to learn about what makes a kitchen safe and their own role within the environment through the following topics:

  • Hazards and Controls in the Catering Industry
  • Preventing Contamination
  • Temperature Regulation and Rapid Cooling
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Disinfection and Cleaning within the environment

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