Designated Safeguarding Lead for Schools and Colleges - In House

This two day advanced Safeguarding course is designed to enable confidence when carrying out a safeguarding role in schools and colleges.

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Based on 12 students: £954.00 (£795.00 ex VAT)
Per additional students: £78.00 (£65.00 ex VAT)

What's involved?

The training is classroom based and is taught using a variety of teaching methods by instructors who have experience in the field of safeguarding. Candidates will complete group activities, analyse individual case studies and create their own scenario based action plans.

You will learn about the roles, legislation and values concerning child abuse and the subsequent impact on professional practice. The barriers from children reporting abuse and the barriers for staff are looked at in detail.

Candidates will learn about how they can make a decision to report and the issues concerning the referral of information to social care. The advanced nature of this course then enables candidates to build an understanding of what they should expect after a referral has been made.

What you get out of it

Candidates gain a qualification demonstrating they possess advanced knowledge in the field of safeguarding/child protection. It can help with Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and is a good step up from the basic understanding that is taught on the level one course.

Who's it for?

Anyone who works in schools, colleges or further education who has the responsibility of safeguarding/child protection policy.

This is an advanced course suitable for those who have prior knowledge of the subject area, for example have completing the Level One Introduction to Child Protection Training Course.

What will I learn?

Candidates will refresh their knowledge of the basic principles of Level One Introduction to Child Protection Training and go into further detail on reporting procedures and what is expected of someone in a position of responsibility.

  • Roles, Legislation and Values Concerning Child Abuse
  • Analysis of Peoples Values
  • Barriers to Reporting Abuse
  • Making the Right Decisions When Abuse has Occurred
  • The Safe Recording and Disclosure of Information
  • The Emotional Strain on those Reporting Abuse
  • What Happens After Reporting Abuse

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