Anaphylaxis & EpiPen Training - In House

This short, interactive course will teach learners how to identify, treat and stabilise a casualty suffering with Anaphylactic Shock. This has the potential to save a life and prepares the individual to be confident in dealing with a medical emergency and when using an epipen.
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Based on 12 students: £390.00 (£325.00 ex VAT)
Per additional students: £32.40 (£27.00 ex VAT)

What's involved?

This short 3 hour training course is designed to introduce learners to the subject of Anaphylaxis and show, step by step, how it can be treated through the use of an auto injector device. This is achieved through short lectures, real life videos and practical demonstrations.

Candidates will gain understanding of what causes Anaphylaxis to occur and the main symptoms associated with the condition. The trainer will demonstrate the effective use of the EpiPen and allow learners to practice.

The course is assessed through a multiple choice exam, whereby candidates must answer 10 out of 15 questions correctly in order to pass.

What you get out of it

Upon completion of the course, learners will have gained the skills to identify, treat and stabilise someone who is suffering with Anaphylactic Shock. The condition could be missed or mistaken for something else unless proper training is received. Candidates will gain confidence dealing with this medical emergency and will receive a certificate which is valid for three years and proves their competence within the field.

Who's it for?

The course is suitable for anyone who works with a person who suffers from Anaphylaxis including nursery groups, schools and colleges. The training prepares the learner to deal with the situation if someone suffers an attack from this condition.

What will I learn?

Candidates will develop an understanding of the subject area and learn how they can treat someone with the condition. The course contains the following topics:

  • Causes Anaphylaxis
  • Recognising the Symptoms
  • The role of the Emergency Services
  • Treatment Options
  • Real Life Video Examples
  • The epipen and its Usage

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