There are several key sources of information that need to be made available to students when setting assessments....


Many qualifications have a specification attached to them outlining what is expected to meet the criteria. Teachers can point students towards the spec both before and during the course in order to meet the expectations of the awarding body / exam board. It can also prevent learners digressing off topic which could affect their overall grading.


Students will naturally want to know how long they have to complete a piece of work and will want to get their exam dates in the diary. Teachers can help by outlining a clear timeline of events at the start of the course. Students may feel more at ease when they know exactly what is expected of them and the time frame in which their coursework / exams will need to be completed.

Exam dates often include mock examinations and coursework may incorporate a first draft alongside the final submission.

Reading List

Higher level courses i.e Level 4,5 & 6 will inevitably require a more critical approach to writing. Students may find this process challenging and can be helped by an accurate reading list specific to the subject area. Teachers will undoubtedly have a higher level of knowledge and may be able to share a wealth of resources that can assist their learners.

Grade Boundaries

Some courses can simply be a pass or fail; however others can distinguish results in a different way. Some may be graded e.g A-E whilst others may offer an overall grade like merit or distinction. Students will need to know exactly what percentage they will require to hit for example a ‘distinction’ in their subject area. Teachers can be on hand to outline these grade boundaries from the start.


Ultimately students will be worried about results and the big day that they have been waiting for. Teachers can plan for result day, make it a special occasion and be on hand to support all of their students, some may be on a high and others left feeling quite disappointed.

Students may also be keen to know how long a piece of coursework will take to mark and when they can expect to get the result of their hard work.