The Level 3 Award in Education and Training Course requires candidates to plan and deliver their own lesson, alongside observing and evaluating others. The micro teach is a mini lesson in itself and not just a small chunk of a larger lesson. It is useful to include a summary and recap at the end.

The micro teach can be on any subject of your choice. Usually about half the candidates pick their chosen career field with the other half choosing a hobby, or an area that they have a passion for.

Plan for a lesson that is going to last for around 15 minutes. Candidates are given some flexibility in the sense that you will not be cut off at 15 minutes. The lesson may roll to an upper limit of 20 minutes, by which time it would need to be concluded.

Effective lessons have clear aims and objectives from the outset. Micro Teach candidates can incorporate these into the planning phase of their delivery. The Victorian sponge cake provides a good example of the difference between aims and objectives. If the overall aim is to make a victorian sponge cake then the objectives may be to get a list of ingredients, mix ingredients and use a suitable cooking technique. So the objectives are how you get to and achieve your overall aim.

One common mistake when delivering a micro teach lesson is to try and squeeze too much into the 15 minute period. Learners can have a real passion and enthusiasm for a particular subject area that may distract slightly from the objectives / aim of the lesson. It’s useful to practice timings maybe via a dummy run of your micro teach to friends and family.