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Paediatric First Aid

What Is It?

The 12 hour Paediatric First Aid Course meets Ofsted Requirements, for Nannies, Child-minder’s and Play Group Workers. It is recommended for professions which involve the care of infants and children, and always follows the syllabus outlined by the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). The course covers everything you need to know about first aid for children and infants, and by its conclusion you will receive a nationally recognised certificate.

The training includes real life videos, practicals, group discussions and role play scenarios. This creates for an interactive and personable environment, whereby candidates can build up a good understanding of First Aid.

Open Courses (12 Hour):

*Central London | Saturday August 9th | One Day + Distance Learning*

*Chelmsford (Essex) | Saturday August 2nd   | One Day + Distance Learning*

*Maidstone (Kent) | Saturday August 9th | One Day + Distance Learning*

*Surrey (Guildford) | Saturday August 23rd | One Day + Distance Learning*

*Manchester | Saturday 19th July | One Day + Distance Learning*

Life On The Course?

Working with children can be very rewarding and comes with great responsibility. Infants and children are constantly learning, and it is inevitable that accidents can happen. Paediatric first aid training enables you to gather the first aid skills that are necessary to help children in an emergency situation. Alongside this you will learn basic principles that can stop minor injuries turning into more major ones.

The training sets out to turn you into a confident and knowledgeable First Aider. Our courses are relaxed and personable, and we will always endeavour to help each candidate individually. Paediatric First Aid will enable you to learn the skills that could quite literally save a child’s life.

Who Should Attend?

Individuals, Businesses & Organisations that work with children are legally required to complete this 12 hour course to meet Government standards. The skill set is so valuable that any parent, Grandparent or guardian would also benefit hugely. Fingers crossed you would never have to use what you have learnt, but if an emergency did occur you could implement your new found skills with confidence.

Course Content

• Responsibilities of the first aider
• Infant and child in detail
• How to check for signs of breathing
• Checking for injuries on a casualty
• Using the Recovery position
• Childhood illnesses
• Managing Burns
• Infant and child resuscitation
• Choking
• Major bleeding & shock management
• Role play scenarios
• Real life video examples
• Informal assessment

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£88 pp Inc VAT

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Groups of 12 - £695 + VAT (In-House) Two Classroom Days

Groups of 12 - £495 + VAT - One Day + Distance Learning Module

First Aid For Parents

We also run shorter courses for Parents & Guardians, which aim to teach the core lifesaving skills in just two hours. Please contact us for our next upcoming courses.