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Emergency First Aid at Work (1 day)

What Is It?

The Level 2 Emergency First Aid At Work Course is certified by Ofqual and meets the requirements outlined by the HSE. The workplace can be a dangerous place with many actual and potential hazards. Train aid delivers an innovative course, which places on a strong emphasis on teaching practical skills that are relevant to the workplace. You can expect to learn a wide range of lifesaving skills on the course, and will leave with new found confidence to implement them during the event of an emergency.

All candidates receive a nationally recognised certificate, which proves that they are a competent first aider.

Open Courses:

*London | *Monday September 15th**September 29th*

*Manchester | *Tuesday September 23rd**Tuesday October 21st*

Life On The Course?

The Emergency First Aid Course leads to a certificate that is approved by the HSE, and valid for three years. The course sets out to turn a member of the public into a fully qualified first aider. Train Aid will teach you the skills required to manage a patient that is unconscious, non-breathing, bleeding, ill or injured prior to the arrival of the emergency services.

Our course is innovative, fast paced and fun. Practical scenarios are incorporated that link to a variety of workplace environments, which we feel leads to a greater understanding of the subject by the conclusion of the course. The training sets out to prepare people for the real world, and the consequent emergencies that can occur.

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Who should attend?

The training is not only limited to people in positions of responsibility. Train Aid will provide a relaxed and personable environment suitable for anyone, from any walk of life.

Emergency First Aid At Work suits nominated first aiders within your business or organisation. The course is suitable if you want to learn lifesaving skills, or if you want cover in the event of an accident. The course teaches an array of ‘life skills’ that can be used in and out of the workplace.

Course content

• Responsibilities of the first aider
• First Aid Kit. Clearing Accident and Reporting Procedures
• How to check for breathing
• Assessment of injuries
• Resuscitation of a non-breathing casualty (CPR)
• Choking
• Major Bleeding
• Fractures & Broken Bones
• Shock Management
• Spinal Injury Management
• Major illnesses
• Introduction to the Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

London - £60 pp + VAT

Manchester - £58 pp + VAT

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Groups - £445 + VAT (In-House)