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    The Emergency First Aid At Work course is certified by the HSE and will cover all aspects related to an emergency in the workplace. The course sets out to turn a member of the public into a first aider. We will teach you the skills required to manage a patient prior to the arrival of the medical emergency services.

    By learning Emergency First Aid you will have the confidence to come to someone’s need in a time of crisis. First Aid At Work isn’t complicated, but it is essential.

    Open Courses in London, Manchester & Birmingham

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    The three day First Aid at Work course, also known as first aid in the workplace is approved by the Health and Safety Executive and is designed to train staff and individuals who need to meet the requirements set out in the First Aid at Work regulations (1981).
    This course is delivered using a variety of teaching methods which include DVD, Powerpoint presentations, lecture and discussions as well as hands on practice.

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    This two day course aims to refresh and update candidate’s first aid at work skills. The course is aimed at those who have already completed the full qualification, and who possess a current or recently expired certificate.
    The training is fast paced, practical led and good fun. Candidates can expect to be updated on any changes to the syllabus, and will receive full support from their tutor going in too the second day assessment.

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    The Paediatric first aid 12 hour course meets Ofsted requirements, which certifies Nannies, Child Minders & Play Group Workers
    Train Aid’s Paediatric Course is available throughout London, and the UK, whereby full two day and One Day + Distance Learning is available.

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    Child protection training is vital for anyone who works, volunteers or comes into regular contact with children. The safeguarding of children is paramount in all walks of life. This is of particular importance in the workplace where children are away from their parents / guardians.

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    Preparing To Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector replaces the old City & Guilds 7303. This Course enables you to gain the qualification that is required to teach adults in your specialist subject area. This PTLLS Level 3 course is generic and qualifies you to teach any area where you have gained experience. Examples of people using the award are First Aid Trainers, Food Hygiene Trainers, Health & Safety Trainers and many more.

    Open Courses in London, Manchester, Birmingham & Bristol

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    A manual handling course relates to all aspects of lowering, pushing, pulling and carrying. More than a third of over 3 day injuries are linked to manual handling. For that reason manual handling training is a vital for businesses and the consequent health of employees.

    In-House Training Across all of Surrey

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    This three hour basic life support course addresses the main situations where lifesaving first aid treatment is required. In a short space of time you will learn skills that are used the world over to save lives. This includes skills such as CPR, choking management, controlling heavy bleeding, and use of an Epi-Pen.

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    Train Aid's food safety courses aim to inform candidates about the importance of maintaining good hygiene practices whilst at work in the kitchen. Candidates learn about the dangers of food poisoning and how it can be prevented. They also have the opportunity to discover the dangers of many different food groups using interactive teaching tools. The skills learnt on the course can be applied anywhere in life.

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    This Defibrillator training course will teach you the skills required to use an AED with confidence and efficiency. An individual who is undertaken AED training will possess the skills that could save a life.

    Anyone who goes through defibrillator training can learn what’s required to help a casualty suffering from a heart attack. By the end of the course you will walk away with newly found skills, certification, and possess the confidence to help others in an emergency first aid situation.

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    The Level 3 award in Education & Training certifies candidates to teach in the adult sector. This new award follows the same syllabus as the PTLLS program; however it builds further by placing a greater emphasis on the practicalities of teaching. Candidates can expect to learn a wide variety of skills over the space of the course, which are a great benefit when you start teaching in the adult sector.

    Open Courses run in London, Bristol, Birmingham & Manchester (every 6 weeks)

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    The new Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training replaces the old Certificate in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector Course (CTLLS). This new program is aimed at those who have some experience in teaching / training and who are looking for a recognised teaching qualification for their employment. This is also the natural progression from the Level 3 Award in Education and Training, whereby the full repertoire of teaching skills / knowledge are covered.