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Paediatric First Aid Courses London (Day 2)

Posted On 07 May 2012.

If you have been tuning into our blog you will have noticed that we have been following Heather Bennett on one of Train-Aid’ open Paediatric first aid courses in London. The aim of the blog is to give people an insight into what they can expect if they enrol on a course.

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Paediatric First Aid Courses London | August 11th & 18th | Ofsted Approved 12 Hour

We look forward to hearing from you, but in the meantime it’s back to Heather with the rundown on what happened in her final day of training.


Hello and good blogging again. I had a really busy week in the nursery where I even had to use my first aid skills. One of the children was choking at lunch and I kept calm and used the back slaps that Ellie showed me. Luckily the piece of meat came straight out and the panic was over. I know that paediatric first aid courses can teach you useful skills, but I didn’t expect to be using them so soon. My situation was probably a bit of an exception, and the main thing was out little Harry was Ok. Anyway I’m looking forward to learning loads of new stuff today.


It’s been another whirlwind morning, but I have learnt so much already. Ellie has told us all about major bleeding and how to control it. I didn’t know that the average infant has only 250 mls of blood within them. That’s just half a small bottle of water! We learnt how to tie bandages that can stop bleeding, and ultimately save a life. Ellie has told us that paediatric first aid courses can’t replicate real life, but they can prepare you for it. This is so true, and it is making me concentrate and focus.


After lunch we covered loads of interesting book topics from dog bites to burns. There has been plenty of time for more practicals as well. I am on a quick break at the moment, and blogging in the meantime. We are looking at Anaphylactic shock and how to treat it. Ellie has bought an Epi-Pen along, and we are being shown how to use it. Ellie has said that their paediatric first aid courses include this on your certificate, which is good as some employers will look for it. I’m going back in now, so no time to chat. Moving on to fractures and how to tie a sling.


That’s it we are finished and I have my certificate in my hand. The last hour was really action packed. We put all the skills we had learnt together and performed some real life scenarios. Myself and Sally had to leave the room whilst the others prepared a first aid situation. As we came back in a girl was having an anaphylactic shock attack and we had to think fast. Sally grabbed the Epi-pen and I calmed the casualty. We thought we had the situation under control, but she then stopped breathing and we had to give CPR to the dummy. Ellie congratulated us at the end for keeping calm and doing the right things.

I felt ending the course with scenarios was so much better than sitting there doing an exam. Everyone was full of laughter and excitement. I am definitely looking forward to more paediatric first aid courses in the future. Hopefully with instructor Ellie :)

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