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Open Paediatric First Aid Courses in London ONLY £75

Posted On 16 January 2012.

January Sales

Train Aid continues to provide top quality courses at truly affordable prices. Going in to 2012 where most training providers are increasing prices, we have bucked the trend, and are staying affordable. If you book onto our paediatric first aid training in London at any time in May / June then you will benefit from this fantastic discount.

That’s 12 hours of contact time for only £75 with all course material provided for you. The training meets Ofsted requirements, and your certificate is valid for three years. Train aid is offering a further Spring bonus by including Anaphylactic shock training within the course and on your certificate. So for only £75 you can become an Ofsted approved first aider with an extensive knowledge base in Anaphylactic shock.

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There is no sacrifice in the quality of the content, despite the reduction in price. Train Aid has been running Open courses in Paediatric First Aid for a number of years now, and we constantly look at ways to keep the course innovative and fresh. Children’s First Aid is a serious topic; however that does not mean that the course cannot be fun and exciting.

On the course itself we will look at all the different illnesses / injuries that a child could encounter whilst under your care. The interactive environment that the course is set in will include Lectures, Puzzles, Practical’s, Scenarios and many more. There is a strong emphasis on practicing lifesaving skills, which prepares you fully for the real world of the workplace.

Train Aid prides itself in keeping all of its courses personable, whereby each candidate is afforded as much time as possible to learn new skills. Our friendly instructors are always on hand to help each candidate individually until they become completely comfortable with what they have learnt.

On The Training Itself

Open Paediatric first aid courses will teach you everything you ever need to know to help a child in an emergency / nonemergency situation prior to the arrival of the emergency services. You will gain extensive practical experience related to both infants and children in CPR, Choking, Assessing injuries and Anaphylactic Shock .As a bonus on the course you will also get the opportunity to learn how to treat an adult under similar circumstances.

First Aid always proves a big hit and provides a great opportunity to meet new people from all walks of life. There are no long and boring power point presentations and there are defiantly more laughs than yawns. Owing to the exciting nature of the training you will get plenty of opportunity to take part in scenarios linked to real life first aid. This is a great way to experience what a real life first aid situation may feel like, and provides you with valuable practice.

At the end of the training our instructors assess each candidate individually on their practical skills, and provide feedback to ensure you are comfortable and confident with what you have learnt. Everything is set up to make the course as enjoyable and pleasant as possible.

By Bill Casserley

Interview With A Paediatric First Aid Training Instructor