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Manual Handling Training Benefits

Posted On 28 November 2011.

Train Aid’s Course is designed to teach candidates good handling techniques whether it be objects or people. The course enables you to gain a good understanding about injuries that can occur through lifting, and how to prevent them.

As a business could you be doing more to help protect the health of your employees? Do you think this type of training could be beneficial for the long term goals of your company?

In this blog we want to help you answer these questions. Before you can do this it is necessary to have a look round and see whether or not manual handling training is applicable to your company.

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The following are all signs that your employees are struggling whilst lifting at work:

• People puffing and sweating
• Excessive fatigue
• Bad posture
• Cramped work areas
• Akward or heavy loads
• Histories of back trouble

If any of the points above are affecting your employees then It may be time to be thinking about protecting their health. Our Course sets out to help you educate your employees in how to reduce the risks to their bodies. It also looks at ways of reducing risks by changing the working environment.

By Bill Casserley

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