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Life On 3 Day First Aid at Work Courses (day 3)

Posted On 10 May 2012.

Over the past week we have been following Geoff Goond on our open 3 day first aid course. The aim of the blog is to give you an insight into what happens during the training, and what you can expect if you sign up for a course.

Geoff booked in May and benefited from the discounted rate of £195 pp Inc. If you book up at any time in May / June you also can benefit from this fantastic rate, and as an added bonus we will include FREE AED Training on the course. How’s that for a deal?

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Ok now it’s over to Geoff with the rundown on what happened on the final day of training.

10:00 AM

Hello me again, and I’m blogging for the third and final time. Been looking forward to today, and as promised Billy bought in the AED machine. We had a really good introduction and watched some interesting video’s about the machines. My amazing fact of the day is that for every minute that passes without an AED a casualty’s chance of survival drop by 10%. Oh what the hell lets give you some more facts! The main reason Sir Ranulph Fienes is alive is because of an AED that was easily reachable at Bristol Aiprort when he had a heart attack. Lifes for learning I guess….

12:00 PM

3 day first aid at work courses always include an assessment on the final day of the training. This is an opportunity to bring together all the skills you have learnt. Every one is a little bit nervous about their assessment, but I am not sure why as we have all done really well. We have been practicing our scenarios in the last hour, which has proved good fun. How about this I walked into the room and Billy described to us how a girl had fallen ill on a school visit to a peanut factory. Turned out she had anaphylactic shock, and I had to think fast to find an Epi-pen. Then she stopped breathing and we had to give CPR to the dummy. I didn’t know a 3 day first aid course could be so much fun.

14:00 PM

My assessment is over and I passed. To give you the rundown it was all about coping in different scenario’s. First up I had to deal with an unconscious casualty who was breathing with no further injury’s. Then I walked into the room and had two casualtys to deal with. One wasn’t breathing so I had to give CPR, which was no problem after all the training we had done. Finally I had to demonstrate that I could control major bleeding, which also went well. It is amazing how much adrenalin can go through on a mock up real life situation.

I would definitely recommend Train-Aid’s HSE 3 day first aid at work courses. I have learnt so much, and had a great laugh along the way. Training doesn’t need to just consist of boring power points and paper exams. Hopefully see you in three years guys.

Over and out

Geoff Goond