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Interview With a PTLLS Courses Instructor

Posted On 22 July 2012.

In this blog entry we are going to be interviewing one of Train Aid’s (TA) leading PTLLS instructors. Tom (TC) runs all of the open courses in London, and has over 10 year’s experience in the teaching industry. Many of which were in a challenging inner city school environment. Train aid’s PTLLS courses are the cheapest, but also the most enjoyable within London. Sign up today for only £225 inc.

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TA: Can you tell us a little bit about your teaching experiences Tom?

TC: Hi there. I studied sport sciences at university and straight afterwards went into a teaching position at a college in South London. Fresh out of uni I was in the deep end, and had to learn fast. After a thoroughly enjoyable few years I moved on to a new position as head of physical education at a local school.

TA: Working in the college must have been a challenge. How did you motivate challenging students?

TC: Some of the students came from difficult backgrounds, and in many cases did not want to be there. My love for sport and laid back style rubbed off the students and enabled them to relax and learn. I didn’t feel that extreme discipline was the best approach, but don’t you worry I knew when the line was crossed. I turned round the fortunes of the college football team, which gave some students and opportunity to get involved in something productive outside of college. Some of the students went from a background of police trouble to going on to play football at a high level.

TA: What made you make the change to become a PTLLS instructor?

TC: PTLLS Courses provide people with a direct opportunity to change careers. In just four days your CV can change dramatically, which even often opens up the door to self-employment. I wanted to be involved in this relatively new qualification and help people reach their true potential. I felt that my teaching experiences could be transferred directly towards helping others. So far this has been the case as I am able to field questions from the students and tell stories that will help them in their future careers as teachers / trainers.

TA: So what is your unique style that makes your courses better than the rest?

TC: My style is relaxed and enthusiastic. I more innovative teaching methods than long an boring PowerPoint presentations. Sometimes this involves group discussions and interactive scenarios, but they all have the same concept of keeping things enjoyable. The only real way to find out is to come on a course to see what its all about for yourself.

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