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3 Day First Aid Course (Day 2)

Posted On 09 May 2012.

Welcome back to the 3 day first aid course diary. If you are new to the blog then all you need to know is that we have been following tree surgeon Geoff Goond on one of Train Aid’s montly Open first aid at work courses. In day 1 Geoff learnt how to deal with an unconscious casualty, administer CPR and deal with a choking casualty.

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10:00 AM

Hello again and I am back in Croydon (South London) for day two of my training. We picked things up from where we left off yesterday by having a recap of the practicals. We moved on to learning about head and spinal injuries. I didn’t realise how important it is to keep someone still even if there is only the slightest chance of further damage. We learnt want to do whilst waiting for an ambulance to arrive. The final section involved a ‘log roll’ practical, which can be used to move someone in a life threatening / emergency situation. Five of us had to work as a team to roll a casualty without moving their spine. Impressively we did it right first time.

12:00 PM

After a quick break we have moved on to burns. My interesting fact from this section is that the palm of your hand is roughly 1% of your total body surface. This is useful to know when judging the severity of a burn, and to establish if you need to seek hospital treatment. We also got to watch a video where a man gets covered in chip fat in a kitchen. To keep the wound from becoming infected the actor covered the casualty’s arm in cling film. Now I would not thought of that. Billy described how a lot of hospitals still have people turning up with woven bandages stuck to burns. I guess it’s all the little things that you learn on a 3 day first aid course that can help in an emergency situation.

14:00 PM

After a nice hours lunch break in the sunshine we have all come back raring to go. Billy started by giving us an introduction to how bleeding occurs, the different types and how to control it. He demonstrated how to tie a bandage that can stop major bleeding and ultimately save a life. It took me a couple of goes to get it right, but everyone was patient, and I got there in the end. On a 3 day first aid course you have a little bit more time to practice skills and go over things again if necessary.

16:00 PM

Billy told us that he is bringing an AED training machine in tomorrow, so we can practice using it. We are even going to be getting a certificate as well. It interests me a lot after the incident with the footballer Fabrice Muamba. I wouldn’t like to think that if ever called upon I wouldn’t be able to use such a simple piece of kit. 3 day first aid at work courses don’t usually include AED training so I am impressed.

Anyway that’s enough about tomorrow. I can’t leave out that we finished the day by doing some exciting scenarios. We had the opportunity to work in pairs of first aiders. Myself and Gary had to leave the room whilst the others created a mock up ‘real life’ first aid accident. We came back to the room to find the scene of a car accident where there were casualties in the car as well as on the road. I did my Dr ABC’s on everyone in the car whilst Gary attended the man on the road. We did a couple of things wrong, but it was good to get the feedback, and we will have another go tomorrow.

See you tomorrow,

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